Monday, June 13, 2011

the jadoo continues...

Dear New Haven friends, I done this show before, with other guys, and other girls, in other towns for other audiences, but you guys were the best yet, really. You got the see the best show I have done to date, because the award-winning director Sandy Marshall helped us to smooth the show, kept me from talking too much (a big job!) and helped the other actors to achieve their full potential in a very limited time. Above are images of the show I did in Chicago at the Prodigal Son in 2003 before I was whisked away to India on a Fulbright fellowship. We also sold out our entire run there, and were selected as the pick of the week by a leading Chicago entertainment paper. I had worked with Dwight and Denise in a Tea Co. world premiere of Sue Pak's play 'Boys' at the Tinfish theater that summer, and we got on well enough to do a little jadoo together in the fall. Dwight has a speaking part in an upcoming blockbuster starring Hugh Jackman and I'm sure Denise is doing something amazing too. Now that the New Haven run of Jadoo is done, I am finishing up an article, a movie, and consulting for a new TV show on jadoo to keep myself busy. I should also send out a proposal for a book on jadoo while I live next door to one of the most interesting authors in America (Matthew Polly, author of 'American Shaolin'). If you want a jadoo t-shirt, or a coaster set, or a special magic kit, let me know and I can arrange for that for you as well. In the meantime, I will blog less and work more. You can always find me via my website located @: Yours in jadoo, shreeyash

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

print paper

So it turns out there was a print article about me in the friday entertainment section of the New Haven Register that I never saw. Luckily, there are exactly two copies of the paper for sale at the newspaper office so I will head over and pick them up today. My mother deserves one since she is my mother and she loves seeing my name in print. I should probably keep the other one for my records.

In other news, I contacted the organizers of the upcoming Arts & Ideas festival to see if they might allow me to bring a little jadoo to the festival. If you want to see it, please call them and ask them to allow me to perform. I have a show ready to go and would be happy to do it if they allow it. I can perform on stage as I did at the Lyric Hall, or keep it real and perform on the street like a traditional Indian jadoowallah. If even a few of you call: 203.498.1212 and ask that I be allowed to participate, I am sure they will let you see some jadoo in the next few weeks.

Monday, May 30, 2011

(definitely not) THE END

The show has been over for a few days now. Indian princess Maya is happily climbing rocks somewhere in Iceland, Prof. Carr enjoyed a wild party in New York and has hopefully recovered enough to return to work tomorrow. I ate a lot of ice cream and hung out with my wife, son and in-laws for the last few days. That version of jadoo will never happen again at the Lyric hall, but the jadoo will continue. It is, after all, my life's work. I will see if any other CT theater wants to host a show, then look elsewhere. It will work...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

closing time...

All good things must come to an end, and this was indeed a good thing. We sold out every show and had to turn people away from a few shows. We ended with a good show tonight to a good crowd who seemed very interested in the fate of the beautiful Indian princess Maya in the blade box. Now everyone is off for a well-deserved rest. Alex will party in NYC, Maya will go climbing with her man and I went home with my lovely wife, child and in-laws. It was a truly magical run and I hope to have the opportunity to do this again somewhere somehow. Maybe next time, we'll get that diving duck trick to work. I will use the blog to publicize upcoming shows, and you can always check my website: Have a great holiday weekend. Hope to see you at my next show. Until then, always stop to smell the roses and enjoy the jadoo. -s

Fire juggling!

I will be juggling fire at the Wooster square farmer's market this morning and selling tickets to the final New Haven performance of Jadoo tonight at 7pm. The oversold house last night convinced us to add this final show. A few people who had waited until the last minute to purchase tickets at the door were turned away yesterday due to the Standing Room Only house last night. To assure yourself a seat tonight, book a ticket online @: You don't want to miss the final performance of this magical show!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

held over!!

The response was so overwhelming tonight that we have been held over at the Lyric hall for a final show at 7pm tomorrow night. There will not be a show at noon, but there will be shows at 3 and 7pm. If you purchased tickets to the noon show, you are welcome for either the 3 or 7pm shows. These are my final public shows in New Haven this year. A few people got turned away tonight because the house was full;  to avoid that you should call: 203.419.6338 to reserve your tickets or purchase them online at the show homepage:


The first two shows filled the house, but tonight we are already booked over capacity on pre-sales! There will be a huge crowd at the Lyric tonight. I hope you are able to get tickets at the door since we have shut off online sales for tonight. If you are unable to get a ticket tonight, there are still two shows tomorrow at noon and 3pm. Given the response up to now, I would advise booking those tickets in advance to assure a seat. Our Indian princess flies off to Iceland after the show closes and my lovely wife and I are booked at a friend's wedding, so it will not be possible to extend this show run right now. Sandy is on his way so I'll see some of you tonight!