Wednesday, June 8, 2011

print paper

So it turns out there was a print article about me in the friday entertainment section of the New Haven Register that I never saw. Luckily, there are exactly two copies of the paper for sale at the newspaper office so I will head over and pick them up today. My mother deserves one since she is my mother and she loves seeing my name in print. I should probably keep the other one for my records.

In other news, I contacted the organizers of the upcoming Arts & Ideas festival to see if they might allow me to bring a little jadoo to the festival. If you want to see it, please call them and ask them to allow me to perform. I have a show ready to go and would be happy to do it if they allow it. I can perform on stage as I did at the Lyric Hall, or keep it real and perform on the street like a traditional Indian jadoowallah. If even a few of you call: 203.498.1212 and ask that I be allowed to participate, I am sure they will let you see some jadoo in the next few weeks.

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