Monday, June 13, 2011

the jadoo continues...

Dear New Haven friends, I done this show before, with other guys, and other girls, in other towns for other audiences, but you guys were the best yet, really. You got the see the best show I have done to date, because the award-winning director Sandy Marshall helped us to smooth the show, kept me from talking too much (a big job!) and helped the other actors to achieve their full potential in a very limited time. Above are images of the show I did in Chicago at the Prodigal Son in 2003 before I was whisked away to India on a Fulbright fellowship. We also sold out our entire run there, and were selected as the pick of the week by a leading Chicago entertainment paper. I had worked with Dwight and Denise in a Tea Co. world premiere of Sue Pak's play 'Boys' at the Tinfish theater that summer, and we got on well enough to do a little jadoo together in the fall. Dwight has a speaking part in an upcoming blockbuster starring Hugh Jackman and I'm sure Denise is doing something amazing too. Now that the New Haven run of Jadoo is done, I am finishing up an article, a movie, and consulting for a new TV show on jadoo to keep myself busy. I should also send out a proposal for a book on jadoo while I live next door to one of the most interesting authors in America (Matthew Polly, author of 'American Shaolin'). If you want a jadoo t-shirt, or a coaster set, or a special magic kit, let me know and I can arrange for that for you as well. In the meantime, I will blog less and work more. You can always find me via my website located @: Yours in jadoo, shreeyash

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