Wednesday, May 25, 2011

after the curtain

The show has opened. People came, they laughed, they clapped, some of them may have even felt fear, or disgust, or desire. They felt something and saw something real and they told me they had a great time. No one but me got hurt, and that little cut on my nose from the smashed cinder block will heal quickly, I hope. I'm now tired and hungry and looking forward to a good night's sleep on a bed of springs and cloth and wood. Hope you are all resting nicely tonight, except those of you working night shifts somewhere, I hope you stay awake and safely finish you work. If you missed the show tonight, you have at most four more opportunities to see it. It was a capacity crowd tonight and once the papers hit the stands tomorrow, I expect to sell out a few more shows. Hope to see you at one of them...

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