Saturday, May 7, 2011

fire & knives...

Local insurance regulations prevent me from performing fire juggling in my upcoming show. Actually, the fact that the theater owner and I are choosing to follow local laws that makes us choose not to have me juggle fire in the theater for the show. So if you want to see me juggle fire and knives, come to the Art Walk in Edgewood Park today. I will be there, with fire and knives, and a few other tricks from the show. I will perform these tricks and ask for money and hand our post cards to promote the show. It's a lovely day in New Haven and this sounds like a fun, family friendly event.

The other big news is that two move people have joined the jadoo crew. Jill Von Danger is a producer, an actress and a dancer. Alex is a martial artist, an actor, a circus ringmaster and a likely co-director of covert activities. We had a nice meeting last night and they will be joining today to play in the park for a while. It's far too nice of a day to be sitting online. Get out and enjoy the real world for a little while. You may be surprised and find you like it more than this fake world. Real fire burns and real knives are prone to cutting your hands when you juggle them. Come see if any of this will happen to me today as I try out these stunts that I haven't practiced in years live in front of a (hopefully) paying audience that could include... you. See you soon.

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