Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rajas, Maharajas and a Rani?

Tickets are selling briskly. We will keep you posted as dates sell out. This is not hyperbole. There are only 50 seats in the theater. This makes for an intimate evening of Indian illusions, but makes it likely that some people who want to see the show and wait until the last minute to buy their tickets will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. I hate to sound like a TV salesman when I write that, but this is absolutely true. When was the last time you saw an Indian magician? Seriously, when? When do you expect another one to come through New Haven? Well there you go. It's not hyperbole or press hype, it is a fact: this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity that you can tell your children about, or better yet, bring them so they can tell their children about it. I don't plan to do the bed of nails much after this show closes. It hurts too much, I'm getting old, and I actually have a day job that pays the bills, so I'm really doing this show as a thank you to all my New Haven friends old and new who made the past few years here fun.

You might think I'm exaggerating when I say you will have the opportunity to see an Indian princess in my show. Again, I am not. Maya, our mysterious Indian princess, is descended from the royal family of Cochin. When I was in Cochin in February, they said she is welcome to visit, but being communists, they are quite happy to have the former royal palace open to the public as a museum. Above are some pictures of Raja Rama Varma I of Cochin, an ancestor of our mysterious Indian princess Maya. If you are really curious to know how they are related, you are welcome to ask her in person after the show if you come. As you can see, Raja Varma knew how to dress the part of king with a lovely cape, tassels and a big turban. We are still deciding what his descendant princess Maya will wear in the show. What would you like to see her wear?

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