Thursday, May 12, 2011

rope trick?

People are crowded around gawking in awe at the wondrous Indian Rope trick. A rope has emerged from a basket and a small boy has climbed the rope. We will do a version of this iconic Indian trick in our new show that opens on the 25th and you will be able to have as close a view as these people have since every seat in the house is a really good one. My challenge is to hide a few things from you on a stage with such unforgiving sight lines. It's interesting; I'm really glad to have to opportunity to work with the best director in the world for this show. Watching him work with our circus ringmaster, even for a short while yesterday, reminded me of all the things I can't do in life, including direct people. At the moment, I can't even get an Indian restaurant to sponsor the show. Hopefully that will change very soon so you can all have tea and samosas before or after the show. Do you have a favorite Indian place in New Haven? Let me know and I will contact them. I am still waiting to hear from the owners of the new place Cumin India, and from our friends at Sitar.

In other news, I recently found that that in addition to my lovely wife, my director likes ice cream, so I am going to have to be extra careful not to have too much when I take them both to Ashley's ice cream. I'm not particularly vain, but when you know you are going to be taking your shirt off on stage in a few days, you think about things a little differently. Am also doing as many workouts as I can between now and then, just to keep in shape. I won't look quite like Hritik Roshan or Shah Rukh Khan, but I will do the best I can to present a pleasing look in my show. Feel free to tell me how you think I did when you talk with me after the show. 

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