Thursday, April 21, 2011

a beard, a beard, my kingdom for a...

Okay, the votes have been tallied. My lovely wife, and Norm and Lupe Nielsen prefer the slight beard as do Teller, Tom Ogden and Eugene Burger. Gen. Stanley Mcchrystal prefers the clean shaven look. Since I have to live with my wife, and I trust any advice that experienced magicians offer, and the opinion of a lovely lady other than my wife is always appreciated, I will grow back the beard. Gen. Mcchrystal is a wonderful General, and I really respect his thinking on counter-insurgency. I was seriously impressed by his talk yesterday, but I will take my show business advice from my wife and experienced magicians who wish me well. Today I am going to the hardware store with the baby to buy nails and a boar to nail them into. I wish there was a trick to the bed of nails, but not the way I do it. In the show, you will see my bare flesh lying directly on over one thousand sharp nails that have been examined by the audience. If you are suspicious, you are welcome to come up on stage and examine the nail bed yourself. I look forward to an opportunity to present this lovely Indian demonstration for you, but please don't ever call it an illusion, as there is no trick to it. This might be the last time I present this demonstration. I'm not so young anymore.

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