Friday, April 22, 2011


Why on earth would I put another magician's promo photo on my website? He's much better looking, perhaps a bit more talented (definitely a better juggler, not such a good South Asian linguist; touche?), and could potentially steal my clients. Except, he lives in Chicago and I live in New Haven and we do very different acts. The reason I am putting his photo on my blog is that he also did a magic show that was directed by the same Alexander Marshall who has generously agreed to direct my show.  I think it turned out okay. Comments from the man himself would be much appreciated here. I wished him well, and hope to have a chance to work with him someday. I just returned from watching a few comics at the Joker's Wild. The quality varied, but my friend's son Cody was quite good. The fact that I mention two other performers on my self-promoting blog perhaps proves that I am "not your everyday abracadabra man" as The Times of India said. There, finally a bit of self-promotion. Happy? Now buy some tickets to the show and let me know if the paypay is working on Thanks.

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