Saturday, April 23, 2011

gratuitous skin show?

Warning: gratuitous Indian magician photo above. I have always loved this image. I had it on my wall when I lived in Chicago as a younger single magician and could just stick things on my wall with tape, or a bit of blue tack. I now have framed images on my walls, but not a single one relates to magic, as it so happens. This rainy New England afternoon, I am off to the printer to order the post cards and some posters for the show. This is the "old-fashion" kind of promo that I know how to do. I remain a skeptic when it comes to the utility of the internet for promoting a live show. If you are the type of person who looks at a lovely paper poster or picks up a postcard, I suspect you are the type of person who will also make the effort to go and see a fun fusion Indian magic show in a historic theater. I will keep this blog going until showtime and if it was the blog that motivated you to come to the show, please tell me this when we talk after the show. Otherwise, I hope you pick up a postcard from a coffeeshop or see one of my lovely full color posters somewhere and get intrigued enough to come to the show. It's going to be a lot of fun for the lucky and motivated few who do come as seating is extremely limited in the historic 1913 Lyric Hall theater in New Haven. If you live somewhere else and want to see the show, let's talk. I am sure I can take a version of the show on the road to a theater near you. I was going to post the text from the postcard, but you'll just have to look in a New Haven hangout and pick it up for yourself once it's out on paper. If you live somewhere else and really want a post card, let me know and I'll have one sent.

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