Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's a good thing that I did shave yesterday because I'm going to see Gen. Stanley McChrystal tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about his strategic vision for the US in South Asia. More importantly, I can go to the talk tomorrow, and sleep at a reasonable hour tonight because I just sent my esteemed director the script. It was really strange to write down things that I've been saying for years, and things I have not yet said on the same page. Some routines are old friends and some are still wishful fantasies. The rope trick I am hoping for is still coming together, but there is a rope trick version that I regularly do, so there will be a rope trick in the show. The script will continue to evolve as we see what works on the stage of the lyric hall, so what you see in late May will differ from what I sent Sandy today. But it will all be fusion jadoo, never fear...

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